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8 Best Real Estate Marketing Companies for 2024

Real estate marketing isn’t just about posting a few property listings and hoping for the best. It’s a multifaceted strategy that encompasses branding, lead generation, social media management, content creation and more. The most successful real estate agents aren’t always the ones with the most experience — but rather those who know how to leverage the best real estate marketing companies and digital tools for their success.

Ahead, we list the best real estate marketing companies to help you grow your business. We examined factors like pricing, features, support and customer reviews. Whether you’re looking to build a custom website, launch effective email campaigns, enhance your social media presence or manage your client communications more effectively, these real estate marketing companies can help you do it.


Market Leader

Notable Features: 

  • Mobile app syncs email activity with your desktop CRM
  • Tailored drip campaigns and marketing automation


  • Websites are fully customizable
  • Flat rate for 100% exclusive leads
  • Provides access to real estate training guides


  • No free trial, money-back guarantee, or discount for annual subscriptions 
  • Zip code-specific leads can be inconsistent
  • There is an additional fee for social media integration

If you’re looking for a comprehensive real estate marketing solution with an emphasis on automation, Market Leader should be on your radar. This all-in-one hub for real estate marketing helps you create a fully customizable, branded website that’s optimized for lead generation, complete with landing pages, search engine optimization (SEO) and internet data exchange (IDX) capability to display MLS listings on your website.

What sets Market Leader apart, however, are its lead packages. Subscribers pay a flat rate for a specified number of exclusive leads. Rather than pushing leads to multiple agents at once, Market Leader pairs potential buyers with the best-suited agent for them, eliminating the competitive mad dash for a lead’s attention.

Let’s also not forget Market Leader’s sophisticated customer relationship management (CRM) system. Agents can automate email drip campaigns, set up paid ads on social media, and order print marketing materials — all from one single platform. Market Leader subscribers can access original monthly newsletters that can be repurposed as your own. Finally, the Market Leader app delivers real-time contact management notifications directly to your phone.

Customer Reviews:

  • Some real estate agents report inconclusive results from generated leads, but overall they love that Market Leader offers a comprehensive solution to their marketing and lead generation needs.
  • Reviews suggest the leads provided are not always the most qualified but experienced real estate agents who feel more confident screening buyers report decent satisfaction with this feature.

Agent Image


Notable Features: 

  • IDX-enabled, super functional and attractive real estate websites
  • Choose from DIY options to completely done-for-you website design


  • A concierge-style experience for creating your website
  • Multiple price points to choose from
  • You own your website
  • You work with the designers to design what you want and what works for you


  • Fully customized websites are pricey for individuals (but they are top-notch!)
  • Ongoing website support is available (Yay!) but it’s an investment

Agent Image offers a concierge-style service and builds websites from scratch. Their most customized, fully supported website options are expensive — but not more expensive than hiring a design agency or a local web designer. The best part is that they’re designed by and for real estate professionals, so they understand the unique needs of agents, teams and brokers.

In addition to providing beautiful websites, Agent Image offers additional marketing services that help boost your online visibility and get more leads. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) increases relevant website traffic and helps generate high-interest leads. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising allows you to create marketing campaigns targeting different audience segments. With this option, you only pay for leads that click through and engage with your website. 

Here is an example of a custom-designed Agent Image website from Real Trends Award Winner Dolly Lenz.

Screenshot of Agent Image website from Real Trends Award Winner Dolly Lenz

Customer Reviews: 

  • Many users appreciate that their Agent Image website is beautifully designed and very user-friendly.

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LabCoat Agents

LabCoat Agents logo

Notable Features: 

  • In-app direct mail feature
  • The product grew from a highly engaged Facebook community of over 165,000 happy members


  • Team plans are comparatively affordable
  • In-app design and mailing capabilities
  • Stylish designs for social media posts, events, invitations, ads and more


  • In-app editor lacks the design features that Canva has 
  • Designs are not always customizable for your brand
  • Limited video templates

Known for its humble beginnings as a Facebook group for real estate agents (which quickly grew to one of the largest online watering holes for real estate industry professionals), LabCoat Agents (LCA) understands the unique marketing needs of real estate agents.

LCA has taken the concept of DIY design platforms like Canva and infused it with real estate-specific marketing expertise — resulting in eye-catching templates that help any real estate agent prepare for open houses, create custom signage, print business cards and more.

The LCA website now offers a vast collection of real estate templates, scripts and design assets to help you communicate effectively with potential clients. Whether you’re creating listing presentations, invitations or online ads, LabCoat Agents provides the designs you need to make a splash on Facebook, Instagram and in real life.

Customer Reviews: 

  • Reviews generally indicate that LCA goes above and beyond for their clients and that they are creative and responsive.

Coffee & Contracts


Notable Features: 

  • Monthly content calendar templates
  • Templates and scripts for Instagram Reels


  • Ready-made social media templates for real estate agents
  • Trendy designs and scripts to boost engagement
  • A searchable database of content and marketing collateral organized by topic
  • Templates for Instagram Stories, Facebook Reels, TikTok, YouTube and more


  • Designs are not exclusive to your brand and may also be used by other agents
  • No marketing automation or scheduling features
  • Basic Canva skills are required to customize templates

If you’ve ever wished that someone would create a ready-to-use social media roadmap for you (at the fraction of a cost of a creative director’s salary), then Coffee & Contracts is the membership for you. Signing up for the Coffee & Contracts dashboard gives agents unlimited access to templates, content calendars and strategies to help you excel in your social media marketing efforts.

Founded by Florida-based real estate agent Haley Ingram, who recognized the struggles of fellow agents with their social media content, Coffee & Contracts is tailored specifically for real estate agents and brokers, and provides ready-made, beautifully designed, and relevant social media posts for all major platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok.

The site also offers video templates for various platforms, a database of content categorized by type, and a wealth of marketing collateral. Interested subscribers can join the waiting list to access the database of resources, along with exclusive discounts.


Customer Reviews: 

  • Generally, agents report overall satisfaction with the price. However, some wonder whether it’s worth paying more for a social media manager and custom designs that can’t be repeated elsewhere on the internet.

Luxury Presence


Notable Features: 

  • Stunning design used by over 8,000 agents and brokerages
  • Comparative market analysis tool
  • Real estate agents networking app


  • Options for both customizable plug-and-play tools and agency services are available
  • Helps agents target clients through strategic branding 


  • Minimalist luxury feel may not fit with every brand
  • Monthly costs can substantially increase as you add additional products and services

Luxury Presence specializes in creating personalized real estate websites that exude sophistication and elegance — for a variety of budgets. Luxury Presence’s in-house design library boasts customizable website design templates, and agents can also work one-on-one with a designer to customize their site for an additional cost. The design templates are the foundation of captivating websites that prioritize lead generation through SEO tools and MLS integrations.

With features like landing pages, pop-ups, and lead capture forms, choosing the right templates can help optimize your online brand and presence while also converting leads. Oahu-based real estate agent Kinga Mills used a Luxury Presence template to create her stunning, IDX-enabled real estate website.

Screenshot of Kinga site

Beyond websites, Luxury Presence offers a real estate marketing agency and delivers services like branding, content creation and social media marketing. Its analytics help you track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, ensuring you make data-driven decisions. If you aim to establish a brand that utilizes strategic branding and handles all things digital, Luxury Presence should be on your radar.

Customer Reviews: 

  • Generally speaking, customers rave over Luxury Presence’s customizability and impressive design, though it may not provide the speediest service out there.
  • According to the company, over 20 of the Real Trends Top 100 agents use Luxury Presence for website design.



Notable Features: 

  • SMS text auto-responder
  • Google pay-per-click (PPC) and Facebook advertising integrations
  • Effective property valuation lead magnet tool
  • AI-assisted chatbot helps you vet leads
  • Extensive support and coaching library


  • All-in-one CRM and integrated IDX website platform 
  • Integrated marketing tools including SMS auto-responder, Google pay-per-click (PPC) and Facebook advertising 
  • Customers report excellent ease of use


  • Zip code search feature is somewhat limited
  • No free version or free trial
  • Learning curve might be steep for some agents

Imagine a real estate marketing company that works like a well-oiled machine, where Facebook and Google ads direct potential clients to your website to be captured as leads and sent directly to your CRM. That’s RealGeeks – a lead generation powerhouse designed to help real estate agents manage leads at scale.

The RealGeeks ecosystem revolves around your IDX-connected website equipped with lead-capture landing pages and seamless marketing automation. RealGeeks focuses on driving traffic to your site through paid ads on social media platforms.

While RealGeeks does offer a robust CRM and email marketing, the primary value here is the unbeatable lead generation capabilities. If you’re looking to supercharge your lead generation efforts and drive more traffic to your website, RealGeeks is a top choice.

Customer Reviews: 



Notable Features: 

  • SEO tools and landing pages are star of this product 
  • Pre-made website content
  • Light traffic analytics are available


  • Affordable (especially for brokerages)
  • Online training videos available
  • No long-term contract is required
  • Free lifetime product upgrades


  • One-time upfront setup fee
  • Not available in every US state (due to some state IDX rules!) 
  • Customized websites cost extra

iNCOM is a top-rated real estate marketing company that stands out for its affordability and robust website search engine optimization (SEO) tools. iNCOM helps real estate agents enhance visibility through customized websites and landing pages, and even provides light analytics to help you better understand your audience.

While iNCOM doesn’t require long-term contracts, setting up your iNCOM account may take some time. Online training videos are available. Unfortunately online marketing is a separate feature from website design. Live support is available during business hours.

Recommended for growing offices and agents with limited marketing resources who rely primarily on social media-focused lead generation, iNCOM is lauded by users for its effectiveness. However, users also report a few occasional glitches, such as issues with automatic renewals.

Overall, iNCOM is highly recommended for website design and online marketing in the real estate industry, with room for improvement in CRM reporting, customer service and user experience (UX).

Customer Reviews: 

  • Generally favorable, though some users do not like the setup fee.

Wise Pelican


Notable Features: 

  • High-quality mailers ranging from flyers to postcards to FSBO letters
  • Postcard campaigns specifically designed for real estate


  • High-quality mailers
  • Memorable printed assets
  • Quick service
  • Wide variety of real estate templates


  • Editing postcard templates may not be the most user-friendly experience
  • Delivery issues have occurred – though postcards are trackable after they are sent

While digital marketing is essential in today’s real estate industry, traditional methods like direct mail can still yield impressive results when done right. Wise Pelican specializes in direct mail marketing for real estate professionals, most notably emphasizing the almost-forgotten art of the real estate postcard.

Wise Pelican offers a range of direct mail marketing materials, from open house flyers to farming postcards to FSBO letters. The company provides customizable templates as well as the option to upload your own designs. Custom mailing lists can be created by drawing a polygon on an area map or based upon a specified radius around an address.

Direct mail can be an effective way to target specific geographic areas or demographics, and Wise Pelican simplifies the process for real estate agents looking to tap into this old-school, time-tested marketing channel.

Customer Reviews: 

  • Reviews are generally positive and indicate that Wise Pelican knows the real estate industry well and provides exceptional customer service.
  • 87% of users rated Wise Pelican five stars on Trustpilot
  • 4.8 stars from 563 reviews on Google

The power of real estate marketing

In the fast-paced world of real estate, partnering with the right marketing company or agency can be a game-changer. The above real estate marketing companies offer an array of marketing solutions for real estate professionals, allowing you to concentrate on nurturing relationships with clients and closing deals. 

Remember: Each of the real estate marketing agencies and companies we’ve reviewed here offers unique strengths, whether you’re looking for comprehensive marketing solutions, content generation, lead generation or specialized design templates.

Before you decide on which marketing company to choose, take some time to consider your goals and define the results you’d want to see for a successful real estate marketing initiative, campaign or overall strategy.

Real estate marketing company FAQs

  • How to choose the right real estate marketing company?

    Remember that the effectiveness of any marketing strategy depends on your specific needs, goals and target audience.

    Take the time to assess your marketing needs, budget, and long-term objectives. Then, make a list of the top marketing companies to find the right partner for you. If possible, set introductory calls with each marketing firm and spend time comparing the pros and cons. Communicate in advance that you are evaluating a few different options, and once you think you have your marketing team assembled, sign up for a monthly subscription or pay for the company’s services.

  • What marketing works for real estate?

    The type of marketing that works is the type that you commit to! Marketing can include anything from in-person networking to sending postcards to social media. Pick one or two types of activities that you enjoy – whether it be writing, design, talking on camera, taking beautiful photos – and use those skills to share your business with the world. Remember that consistency is key and you cannot expect instantaneous results.

  • What are the 4 P’s of marketing in real estate?

    In real estate, the traditional marketing mix — often known as the 4 P’s of marketing — includes:

    • Product: The properties and real estate services offered by the agent or firm
    • Price: Understanding how to set competitive and market-appropriate prices
    • Place: The geographic location of your properties, along with their accessibility by public and private transportation methods
    • Promotion: The combined advertising, branding, and marketing strategies used by the agent to attract and engage potential clients
  • How can I market myself as a real estate agent?

    Before you can market yourself successfully as a real estate agent, you need to understand your business. Identify your strengths, along with any areas that may need improvement. Here are some questions that can guide you in making an informed decision:

    1. Establish your primary goal: Are you looking to boost lead generation (i.e. get more potential clients) or do you already have a large email list and need to focus instead on nurturing your existing client base? Defining your primary objective is crucial as it will influence the strategies and tools you need.
    2. Assess your marketing budget: Your budget plays a pivotal role in selecting a marketing company. Companies can spend anywhere from 1% to 40% of their gross revenue on marketing. It all depends how aggressive you want to be and what expected return on your investment (ROI) you need to feel as though the money was well-spent. A general rule of thumb is to allocate approximately 10% to 20% of your commission income to marketing, or a “30% rule.” Be sure to have a clear understanding of what you can afford and think with an investor’s mindset.
  • What to expect from a real estate marketing company?

    If this is your first time considering a real estate marketing company, it’s natural to wonder what to expect. Most importantly remember that specifics can vary from one provider to another — there is no one-size-fits-all marketing firm. However, there are certain fundamental features you should look for when working with a vendor of any kind, including:

    1. Clear communication: If you’re investing in a company’s services, you should have a direct line of communication when you have questions or require assistance, whether that’s a chatbot, support email address or online discussion forum.
    2. Trust: If you expect to collaborate on creative assets, like graphic design and website copy, you should trust your marketing company’s judgment and be able to communicate effectively when there are disagreements.
    3. Performance metrics: Your investment should yield results. A reputable real estate marketing company should provide a method to track the value you’ve received for your expenditure, whether it’s a shared editorial calendar or a detailed performance report.
    4. Renewable contracts: Real estate marketing isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. It demands ongoing attention and the flexibility to adjust strategies based on audience feedback. The most reliable marketing companies will typically require a minimum three-month commitment to ensure a sustained, effective campaign.
  • Is real estate marketing the same as lead generation?

    No, they are not the same — though there is some overlap. Lead generation is a targeted strategy to attract potential clients by providing information or incentives. Marketing, on the other hand, is about building your brand, telling your story and creating awareness about the value you offer. Marketing can generate leads, but its primary purpose is to establish your reputation and trustworthiness. For example, a Facebook ad campaign offering a free home valuation is lead generation, but it becomes more effective when backed by strong branding and marketing efforts that make people familiar with your name and the quality of your services.

Our methodology: Choosing the best real estate marketing companies

HousingWire is the destination for industry leaders and decision makers to stay informed and stay ahead of what’s going on in the U.S. housing industry.

To determine which real estate marketing companies are best for industry professionals, the Vetted by HousingWire team of licensed agents and brokerage owners and marketers analyzed dozens of products and platforms. We’ve done the work so that you don’t have to, analyzing a wide sampling of reviews across social media, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and online discussion forums.

We’ve been digging deep into the features, pros and cons of real estate marketing tools for agents, teams and brokers for years in our various roles. For this article, we evaluated each real estate marketing company based price, practicality, special features, ease of use, return on investment, client support, and customer reviews. We also reached out to agents we know and trust to get their feedback.

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