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5 best Samsung Galaxy AI features announced at July Unpacked 2024

This year’s Samsung Galaxy Unpacked continues the trend of big tech’s current obsession: artificial intelligence. Samsung’s 2024 iteration of Unpacked saw the South Korea-based tech giant introducing a slew of neat, albeit superficial, AI additions to the Galaxy ecosystem and its lineup of phones, rings, and things.


Everything announced at Unpacked 2024, including Samsung Galaxy Ring, Galaxy Watch Ultra, and more

So to save you some time, here are five of the most interesting Galaxy AI features that were announced at Unpacked 2024:

Sydney Sweeney made a surprise appearance to help Samsung show off Portrait Studio — a feature that makes AI-powered avatars from your selfies. This one might need some more time in the oven, but the idea is to add a fun way to spice up your selfies.

Credit: Samsung

It’s not new in the world of generative AI, but the ability to do so on Samsung devices is meant to add convenience to users who are feeling a little creative. Simply upload a photo from your gallery and explore a variety of styles by clicking the pencil icon. Choose from options like comic, 3D character, watercolor, and sketch to personalize your selfies effortlessly.

Photo Ambient

The new Galaxy Z Flip 6 offers a variety of customization options, including the AI-powered Photo Ambient feature. This feature allows your wallpaper to change in real time based on the time and weather. It ensures that your device’s appearance is always dynamic and relevant to your environment.

Mashable Light Speed

Three customizable watch faces displayed on a Samsung Galaxy Flip phone, showcasing different themes including a skateboard, a girl with a green jacket, and multiple dog emojis

Credit: Samsung

In addition to real-time wallpaper changes, Photo Ambient helps create a cohesive look for your device. It analyzes your wallpaper and suggests screen layout options, such as moving the clock and adjusting frame colors. This ensures that the background image remains prominent while your device maintains a unified aesthetic.


A presenter stands on stage with two large smartphone screens behind her displaying text call and live translate options on the left, and a translation query on the right

Credit: Samsung

First introduced on the Galaxy S24, Galaxy AI’s Interpreter feature is now optimized for foldables like the Galaxy Z Flip 6. In FlexMode, you can have real-time conversations with translations displayed on both the Cover Screen and Main Screen. In Conversation Mode, each person’s language is shown on the screen visible to them, making face-to-face communication smoother.

Additionally, there’s also a listening mode for when you’re attending foreign language lectures or traveling abroad. This is meant to be paired with Galaxy Buds 3 for simultaneous audio translation, which can translate what you hear into text in real-time.

Energy Score

Four energy score cards ranging from 92 to 65, each with a different color and character illustration. The cards provide personalized health and activity advice

Credit: Samsung

Energy Score, found on the likes of Samsung Galaxy Ring and Galaxy Watch Ultra, provides a clear picture of how your health impacts your daily life. Generated by Galaxy AI, this score evaluates your sleep, activity, sleeping heart rate, and heart rate variability. With these insights, you can focus on specific areas to improve your overall well-being.

Wellness Tips

Four smartphone screens displaying various health and activity metrics. The screens show sleep data, an energy score of 92, a health app loading screen, and daily activity summaries, including steps and calories burned

Credit: Samsung

Joining Energy Score is a new feature called Wellness Tips, which is driven by comprehensive data and individual interests. These tips cover various aspects of health, including sleep, exercise, and stress management, helping you make informed decisions to support your wellness journey.

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