48 Best Prime Day Camping Deals to Snag Today (2024)

In case you missed out on yesterday’s Amazon Prime Day camping deals, there’s no need to worry, plenty of great savings are still available to snag today before the end of the sale.

Whether you’re prepping for an exciting camping trip, hiking excursion, or national park getaway this year, there’s never been a better time to secure some budget-friendly gear, thanks to the many great Prime Day camping deals on offer—discounted sleeping bags, headlamps, and portable water filters included. For outdoorsy travelers planning their next camping trip, expect to see great savings on top-quality gear from trusted brands like LifeStraw, Coleman, and Oakley.

This year, we’re also seeing great deals on sleeping bags, tents, and camping chairs, as well as lanterns, backpacks, and more outdoor essentials for every season. Keep reading to check out some of the best Amazon Prime Day camping deals available—but hurry, because deals like these don’t last long. By the end of the night, Prime Day will be over, so take advantage of the member savings now on products across all categories, from luggage and home goods to shoes and tech, and of course, outdoor gear as well.

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Top Prime Day camping deals to shop now:

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Outdoor gear and accessories

Rechargeable battery-operated camping fan

So far, this summer is a scorcher, and if you’re planning on spending any prolonged time outside you’ll want to invest in a sturdy fan to keep you cool. This rechargeable option can rotate up to 350 degrees to ensure that everyone stays cool, and its energy core can charge your phone as well if you’re in a pinch.

Thermacell rechargeable mosquito repeller

Nothing dampens an adventure in the great outdoors like having to swat away mosquitos. This rechargeable mosquito repeller is perfect for keeping those pesky bugs away while you sit around the campfire and indulge in some s’mores. Unlike traditional mosquito repellant, this little gadget does all the work for you without having to spray anything on your skin.

Image may contain: Strap

Pelican Marine Series floating waterproof phone pouch

Spending time in the water? This waterproof phone pouch means you can keep your phone on you while in the pool, river, or ocean. Since it floats, you don’t have to worry about losing it if your kayak goes upside down. Plus, the detachable lanyard means you can keep it around your neck or attach it to a bag.

Image may contain: Electronics, Phone, and Mobile Phone

Two-way radios

Keeping in touch when out of range for cell service can be difficult, but these two-way walkies make it easy to keep track of everyone in your group no matter where you are. Available as a two-pack, three-pack, and four-pack, these walkies are long-range and small enough to comfortably fit in your hand.

blavor solar power charging bank black orange

Blavor Solar Power charging bank

When camping in the wilderness, it can be lifesaving to have devices that are fully powered. This solar power charging bank offers campers two options to power up: a charging cable and solar power. Plus, you can take advantage of the LED flashlight to light the trail or your tent once the sun sets.

Image may contain: Electronics, and Camera

Emergency radio and power bank

This emergency radio can be powered up by both solar energy and a crank, so you don’t need to worry about running out of battery. It functions as an emergency radio, power bank, flashlight, and SOS alarm, and also takes AAA batteries so you don’t have to rely on the sun or your arm strength. The radio receives both emergency weather and emergency news broadcasts from NOAA and AM/FM stations.

Rainleaf microfiber towel

Whether you’re planning a camping trip to a wet or dry climate, having a quick-dry microfiber towel will come in handy for everything from drying off after the shower to sitting on the ground for a picnic. This lightweight, compact towel comes in 16 different colors and 6 sizes, and is ultra-absorbent and soft.

Guard Shield waterproof tarp

Even though many tents will state that they are waterproof, if you’re in an actual storm, having a tarp will be the difference between sleeping in your tent and swimming in it. This multi-purpose waterproof camping tarp comes in a bunch of different sizes and colors, and is made of rugged ripstop fabric to ensure that it will protect you from rain for as long as you need.

Image may contain: Binoculars, Appliance, Blow Dryer, Device, and Electrical Device

Bushnell H2O waterproof and fog-proof Binoculars

Birders and nature lovers will appreciate these binoculars which let users get up close and personal with wildlife, without actually having to disturb nature. The H2O binoculars are waterproof and fog-proof, so you can take them out on a boat and not worry if they accidentally get wet.

Image may contain: Lamp, and Lantern

Coleman Classic LED Lantern

Having the ability to see at night while moving around the campsite, RV, or in your tent is essential. The Coleman LED lantern is water-resistant and comes with a hanging handle so you can prop it up as needed. The lamp features 300 lumens with a maximum beam distance of 32 feet. You’ll see Prime Day savings on the 300-lumens red version as well as the 500-lumens red and black versions.

eveready rechargeable headlamp black

Eveready rechargeable LED headlamps

Climbing a mountain at sundown or managing the equipment under your RV has never been easier with the Eveready rechargeable headlamp. The high-powered headlights are made with rechargeable LED lights and have three modes to choose from depending on your activity: high, low, and red.

Odoland Portable LED Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan

This two-in-one product is perfect for keeping you cool on hot summer nights while still providing some much-needed light. It easily hooks onto the ceiling of your tent to provide cooling from all sides. The collapsible design makes it lightweight, portable, and easy to use in all situations.

Coleman OneSource rechargeable LED flashlight

Coleman OneSource rechargeable LED flashlight

Trying to find your toothbrush or going to the bathroom becomes difficult when it’s the middle of the night and you’re surrounded by total darkness. This compact LED flashlight is heavy-duty and rechargeable, making it an ideal nighttime accessory for the great outdoors.

gutimore chargeable hand warmers black

Gutimo rechargeable hand warmers

This two-pack of rechargeable hand warmers is ready to go after only three hours of charging and takes just three seconds to power up. The duo stays warm for up to 12 hours, so you can continue your winter outdoor activities without interruption.

Image may contain: First Aid, and Bandage

First Aid kit

It’s always a good idea to keep a first aid kit on hand, especially when you’re alone in the wilderness. This compact, easy-to-carry kit has everything you’ll need for a simple injury including an ice pack, bandages, first-aid tape, and tweezers.

Water filtration

lifestraw peak series water filter blue

LifeStraw Peak Series personal water filter

Having consistent access to safe drinking water while on the go keeps you hydrated and able to enjoy those outdoor adventure activities for as long as possible. The LifeStraw Personal Water Filter protects against pesky bacteria, microsilt, sand, cloudiness and even microplastics that have infiltrated water around the world. This compact personal device can filter up to 1,000 gallons of water and has an unlimited shelf life—so you don’t have to worry about it expiring years down the line if you use it infrequently. Expect deals on the dark gray one-pack and the midnight blue two-pack.

LifeStraw personal water filter

Another much-loved water filter from LifeStraw is this compact bestseller. It was a top-selling product among our readers last Prime Day, and it’s on sale this time around, too. The $10 travel essential is small enough to fit in your backpack or fanny pack.

Image may contain: Bottle

Camco TastePURE RV water filter

Staying hydrated while out and about is important, and this in-line water filter with a six-step filtration system works to keep your water safe and healthy while tasting great. Simply hook it up to your water source (like the water hose in your RV on your campsite) and reap the benefits.

Camping cookware

Coleman Triton instant start 2-burner propane stove

Just because you’re out in the wild, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your tastebuds. Whether you’re cooking a full-fledged meal or just roasting a couple of marshmallows, this instant-start propane stove will do the trick. With two burners, you can embrace multitasking.

Image may contain: Coffee Table, Furniture, Table, Bench, and Mailbox

Portable campfire grill

Most campsites will have a firepit waiting for you once you arrive, but if you’re interested in actually cooking, getting a handy accessory like this portable grill will make it much easier. This grill makes cooking over an open fire easy and it folds flat for easy storage. Plus, it can support all types of pots and pans, including cast iron ones.

Image may contain: Fire, Flame, Device, Appliance, and Electrical Device

Solo Stove tabletop firepit

Perfect for sitting around the fire or making a few s’mores, this smokeless firepit is great for gatherings. The stove comes in its own portable carrying case for ease of travel, and features a removable and collapsible stand for better stability.

Image may contain: Cutlery, Bag, Spoon, First Aid, and Backpack

Camping essentials and accessories set

This set of camping utensils is practically an all-in-one camping cookware set. The 16-piece kit includes a chopping board, barbecue fork, bottle opener, set of non-slip gloves, towel, frying spatula, bread clip, chef knife, a dinner knife, fork, spoon, storage bag, ladle, scissors, and more.

CamelBak Forge Flow travel mug in green

CamelBak Forge Flow travel mug

Keeping hydrated is essential—as is a cup of morning coffee for some—so securing a good travel mug like this one from CamelBak is a camping staple. The insulated stainless steel body maintains the temperature of your drink for longer, and the non-slip silicone base keeps it from sliding off the table. It’s also leak-proof and self-sealing, so you only need one hand to grab a drink.

Image may contain: Cutlery, Fork, and Spoon

Camping cutlery set

If you plan on cooking or eating anything at all at your campsite, you’ll want this camping cutlery set to avoid having to use your hands for every meal. The eight-piece stainless steel set comes with a knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks, straight straw, bent straw, straw cleaning brush, and carrying case.

Image may contain: Electronics, Cookware, Pot, and Camera Lens

Camping cookware set

Veteran campers know that space is gold, so this nesting cookware set is perfect for taking with you. The three pots, one pan, and two lids all fit within each other, creating a lightweight and portable set that you’ll be able to easily tote to your campsite. The heat-resistant folding handles avoid taking up extra space, and the mesh carry bag makes for simple storing and transport.

Image may contain: Furniture, Table, Desk, Cooktop, Indoors, Kitchen, Cup, Shelf, and Plate

Portable outdoor cook station

Planning on whipping up some delicious outdoor cuisine? Don’t let a lack of kitchen prep station stop you. This portable, folding outdoor cook station is a major upgrade for frequent campers. It provides a bit more space to store and prep tasty meals, with three-tiered storage shelves; three mini, foldable side tables with cupholders; a heat-resistant aluminum tabletop; and hooks for cups, utensils, and lanterns.

Image may contain: Furniture, Table, Coffee Table, and Desk

Camping side table

Not everyone loves the idea of eating their meals sitting around the campfire on logs. This side table makes it easy to keep your food and drinks off the floor while enjoying your campsite. It’s available in three sizes and can be folded away into a carry case when you’re done.

Bags and backpacks

Image may contain: Backpack, and Bag

CamelBak Lobo 9 hydration backpack

Thanks to the Air Support Back construction, the CamelBak Lobo 9 hydration backpack is constructed with breathable and lightweight materials that help you go further longer. The optional stability belt keeps your pack in place while you can sip up to 70 ounces of liquid from the built-in pouch.

Image may contain: Bag, and Backpack

TETON Sports 30L Numa backpack

This daypack is great for hiking, biking, or just carrying your essentials to your next camping trip. It features two water bottle pockets as well as a pocket for a hydration bladder. The bag is sturdy and water-resistant and comes with chest and hip belts for added comfort.

yorepek travel backpack black

Yorepek travel backpack

This extra large 50-liter backpack packs a lot of punch with its three spacious compartments. Once you get to the campsite, you can rest easy knowing that the material is both water-resistant and made of durable polyester fabric. Stick your travel-size umbrella or water bottle in one of the two mesh side pockets.

Image may contain: Backpack, and Bag

Thule Subterra 25L backpack

This 25L daypack fits just about everything you’ll need on your next outdoor adventure, and it comes with a ton of different zippered sections to keep things organized. The zippered side section is perfect for easy-access items like sunglasses or your wallet, while the interior mesh pocket has a zipper to ensure that valuables stay secure.

Image may contain: Bag, and Backpack

Coleman Chiller backpack cooler

Sure, a regular backpack can hold all your snacks and essentials, but will it keep your water and lunch nice and cool? This backpack cooler from Coleman is perfect for a picnic, mid-hike lunch, or simply storing drinks for around the campfire. It can hold up to 28 cans and will keep your drinks (and food) cooler for longer.

Camping chairs

Coleman broadband mesh quad camping chair

This basic mesh camping chair is everything you want in a portable outdoor seat. It’s lightweight, sturdy, and comes with a carry bag. It even features adjustable arm heights for increased comfort and can hold up to 250 pounds.

Image may contain: Furniture, Chair, Cushion, and Home Decor

Best Choice Products set of two adjustable lounge chairs

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you have to rough it. This set of two outdoor lounge chairs are exceptionally comfortable. The chairs fold down flat for storage, and the back and footrests are easily adjustable for complete relaxation. They also come with a removable tray with two cup holders, a phone holder, and a tablet holder.

Image may contain: Furniture, and Hammock

Wise Owl Outfitters camping hammock

Pop this hammock between two trees and you’ll have the comfiest seat in the house. The comfortable nylon is perfect for lounging or sleeping, and can be attached to two trees easily with the nine-foot-long tree straps and carabiners it comes with. Only some of the colors are on sale for Prime Day, so choose wisely.

timber ridge camping chair gray

Timber Ridge lightweight camping chair

A camping chair that has everything you need built in? The Timber Ridge lightweight camping chair features a foldable side table so you can plant your charcuterie, trail mix, or other campground snacks right next to you. The cooler bag and mesh pocket store drinks and keep them cool on the hottest camping days.

clevermade sequoia folding backpack chair black

CleverMade Sequoia folding backpack chair

Made of 22 recycled bottles, this folding backpack chair is both eco-friendly and functional. The backpack straps on the chair allow you to easily carry it on your next hiking trip and have a place to plop down when you need a rest or find a stunning vista. The CleverMade chair also has an ergonomic design, five degrees of recline, and a built-in bottle opener.

gci outdoor three position camping chair burgundy

GCI Outdoor Three-Position Chair with Ottoman

Sure to turn heads on the campground or RV park, the GCI Outdoor three-position chair with an ottoman features an adjustable backrest, which also reclines so you can soak up the sunrise or sunset with ease. The chair folds flat and is made with a breathable nylon mesh to keep limbs cool while stationary.

Sleeping bags and blankets

coleman autumn glen sleeping bag red

Coleman Autumn Glen sleeping bag

The Glen sleeping bag fits one person and has a snag-free zipper as well as a draft tube along the zipper to prevent heat from escaping. Heading out to the next camping spot? The included stuff sack allows for easy transport.

Image may contain: Clothing, Vest, Blanket, Furniture, and Coat

XL double sleeping bag

Couples will adore this extra-large sleeping bag that lets you snuggle up during colder nights. It’s queen-sized so you don’t have to worry about feeling to squished, and it comes with two portable pillows ideal for camping. Plus, if you end up needing your own space, the bag unzips into two separate, regular-sized sleeping bags.

teton sports celsius sleeping bag black

Teton Sports Celsius sleeping bag

Available in black, green, and gray colorways, the Teton Sports Celsius sleeping bag will protect you in temperatures as low as zero degrees. If you need some additional warmth, the bag is designed with a mummy style hood that you can cinch around your dome.

wise owl outfitters camping blanket black

Wise Owl Outfitters large camping blanket

When you need a compact and lightweight layer of warmth at night, consider the Wise Owl camping blanket—it weighs less than two pounds. With its durable ripstop nylon, you can safely throw it in your camping bag for years to come.

Image may contain: Furniture, Table, Aircraft, Airplane, Transportation, Vehicle, Dynamite, Weapon, and Indoors

Naturehike GreenWild camping cot

While not technically a sleeping bag, this camping cot will make sleeping in a tent a lot more comfortable. Just because you like the great outdoors, doesn’t mean you have to sleep in the dirt every night. This cot is lightweight, supportive, and folds down to fit easily into a carry case. It can support up to 330 pounds and conforms to your body for a comfortable sleep.

Image may contain: Adult, Person, and Furniture

Double self-inflating sleeping pad

This self-inflating sleeping pad is ideal for a couple who wants to share the bed, but not have to lay on the floor. Unlike an air mattress, there’s no electricity required to pump it up—simply use the built-in foot pump to fill it with air. It’s durable and lightweight, and there’s a built-in pillow section for added comfort.

Camping tents

coleman sundome camping tent blue gray

Coleman Sundome camping tent

Available in a two-, three-, four-, or six-person configurations, the Coleman Sundome camping tent is well ventilated for warm and stuffy nights with its built-in windows and ground vent. The charging port inside the tent is an added bonus so you can keep your phone, GoPro, and other devices ready for the next day’s adventure. Windy night? The WeatherTec system protects against 35mph winds.

marmot crane creek tent green

Marmot Crane Creek camping tent

This 2-person tent is packed with 32 square feet of shelter. Use the seam-taped floor to shut out moisture and rain during those inclement evenings. The tent has a 7000 aluminum pole for hardiness when you’re ready to set it up and the strategically oriented clip on the roof allows for more overhead space so you can comfortably stretch out in all directions.

UNP 6-person waterproof tent

Traveling in a big group? This six-person waterproof tent will fit everyone. Great for a family or a big group, it features an easy set-up in just five minutes, as well as a variety of different mesh windows and panels to ensure that you’ll feel the breeze without having to let the bugs in.

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