25 Vegan Pasta Recipes For Meatless Meals

The Four Percent

Whether you’ve been vegan your whole life or you’re just trying it out for Veganuary (or something in between), pasta is a food that few of us feel we can live without. If you’re scrambling to find a way to make to make your favorite lasagna or spaghetti recipe vegan, worry not. There are plenty of recipes for you to try.

Some pasta recipes are naturally vegan to begin with ― think pasta pomodoro or pasta primavera, without the addition of cheese. But others ― like fettuccine Alfredo or macaroni and cheese ― are inherently loaded with various cheeses, possessing a texture and flavor that’s difficult to replicate with plant-based ingredients.

Sometimes vegan pasta sauces may require a little extra work (especially anything that requires the soaking of cashews) and sometimes they’re super-simple. But either way, it’s possible to make vegan pasta that’s impeccably creamy and satisfying.

We’re showcasing some of our favorite versions from food bloggers and recipe developers below. Check out the substitutions and creative solutions that’ll help you create a perfect plate of vegan pasta.

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