Here Is The Proof That Republicans Are Killing Their Own Voters With COVID

by Msnbctv news staff

In counties the place Trump gained 70% of the vote, the COVID loss of life price is 4.7 occasions greater than counties the place he gained 32%.

Extra Folks Die Of COVID In Counties That Trump Received Large

David Leonhardt of The New York Instances tweeted:

Republicans Are Killing Their Voters With COVID

It doesn’t take a mathematician to grasp that in counties the place Trump gained 7 out of each ten votes, practically 5 occasions extra persons are dying from COVID. When these information are mixed with the fact that the overwhelming majority of unvaccinated Individuals are Republicans, the conclusion is that the Republican politicization of the pandemic has resulted within the GOP killing loads of their very own voters.

The identical dynamic is taking part in out with the Republican handed voter suppression payments. The race to excessive right-wing positions within the Republican Get together has resulted within the GOP adopting insurance policies that hurt and even kill their very own voters.

When the Republican place on the pandemic is known as a loss of life cult, the numbers above are what’s being mentioned.

Republicans like Trump and his acolyte crimson state governors would slightly kill their voters than hand Democrats a “win” on the pandemic.

Killing your individual voters is a shedding technique, however that’s precisely what Republicans are doing in among the reddest components of the nation.

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