Michael Flynn Claims The Government Will Put COVID Vaccine In Salad Dressing

by Msnbctv news staff

Trump pardoned convicted felon Mike Flynn claims that the “Deep State” goes to place COVID vaccine in salad dressing.

Video of Flynn:

Flynn talked about that the “deep state” is planning to place the vaccine in salad dressing after which claimed that “these individuals” are attempting to impose their will on “us.”

Remember that the man who thinks that there’s a plot to place COVID vaccine in salad dressing was an individual who Donald Trump thought was match to be his nationwide safety adviser.

Flynn is a convicted felon who deserves to nonetheless be behind bars. He has known as for the violent overthrow of the USA authorities. Flynn isn’t just  a conspiracy theorist who worries in regards to the authorities placing life-saving vaccines in salad dressings. He’s additionally a hazard to the nation.

It’s simple to chuckle at individuals like Mike Flynn, however notice that the lies and requires violence towards the USA authorities symbolize a grave menace to US democracy.

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