There Are Reportedly More Press Than Protesters At Justice For J6 Rally

by Msnbctv news staff

The rally to assist the 1/6 attackers seems to have drawn extra members of the press than precise protesters.

Here’s what the scene seemed like:

The professional-terrorist protest seems to be fairly empty, and reporters are noticing that they outnumber the anti-democracy gang:

If the protest attendance is so small, why is the company media sticking round to present the extremists who hate democracy consideration?

The protest isn’t newsworthy or notable. The media is hanging round in case issues get uncontrolled or violent, however there may be possible extra safety on the scene than there are protesters.

The home terrorists grew paranoid within the days earlier than the rally and instructed their individuals to not present up.

Going again to Trump’s inauguration, Republicans have had a current historical past of failing to attract a crowd in DC until it was to violently overthrow the federal government and preserve Trump in energy.

The individuals need consideration, so journalists ought to pack up their gear and go get pleasure from a pleasant fall afternoon.

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