Twitter Thread: A 9th Century Teenage Emperor Bragging About His Cat

by Msnbctv news staff

It’s a recognized truth that each cat proprietor is obsessive about their cat. Do not try to deny it. This can be a protected house. We aren’t judging you. If you’re a cat proprietor who doesn’t assume that their cat is the most effective cat, the cutest cat, probably the most purrfect cat, are you actually a cat proprietor in any respect? No cat proprietor will choose you right here – as a result of we’re all the identical and have all the time been. All all through historical past, cats destroy our issues, and we love them for it.

And we actually imply cats are liked by everybody all all through historical past – as confirmed by this diary entry of a teenage emperor from the ninth century who’s sitting there and bragging about his cat. “I’m satisfied it’s superior to all different cats,” he writes, and we really feel that within the very depths of our soul. 

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