Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 7 Review: The Romance & The Bromance

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If you happen to squint a bit, you would argue that the unifying theme of Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 7 (and perhaps the entire season) is certainly one of accepting one’s reality.

In any other case, the storylines appear fairly disparate.

Survivalist faces loss of life within the wild together with his personal youthful self. Bookworm travels again in time and falls in love along with her favourite writer. It takes a little bit of thought to get these ideas to dovetail.

I really like the thought of a lover of literature discovering the love of her life by sourcing the literature that fired her creativeness (and different issues).

Nevertheless, I am unable to assist however really feel Isabel’s want to grow to be extra open to the true world ended up enabling her to cover endlessly previously.

Isabel: I have to get a life, and I have to get my nostril out of books. And I’ve tried earlier than, however the world… it is SO MUCH. And books are the place I really feel secure.
Elena: You do not really feel secure in the true world?
Isabel: I really feel out of step, like I do not actually belong. And I am nervous my complete life is one massive ‘no, thanks’ once I need it to be a ‘YES’!

Additionally, I am slightly uneasy with the concept the island can ship somebody into the precise previous. I believe the island’s fantasies had at all times been type of Westworld with magic as a substitute of machines.

(As a result of, if everyone seems to be actual, who received roasted on that spit on Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 1?)

Love in the Afternoon - Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 7

And the island is supposed to be a brief, if edifying, escape, not a everlasting and elementary departure.

In fact, Ruby’s addition already examined that concept.

Actual life will be intimidating. Getting misplaced in a superb e-book? I imply, shoot, there’s nothing higher. Particularly if it is romance.


Did Isabel not have household or mates who would miss her? Would her employer not make inquiries when she would not return to work?

There’s a variety of unfastened ends left once you rip somebody out of their time, to not point out all of the butterfly impact problems from her data of the long run now that she’s previously.

Ladies Meeting - Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 7

Time-travel quibbles apart, Isabel’s fantasy is arguably the heavy-weight between the 2 introduced.

It delivers a sweeping romance, a way of future, and an intense degree of chemistry.

The blossom scene was in all probability essentially the most erotic flirtation I’ve seen on community tv in a long time. Each Caitlin Stasey and Gillian Saker give themselves to the second with no reservation, conveying an overwhelming attraction between their characters.

The 2 are so fixated on one another; I needed to surprise what Reggie does with himself on this marriage of comfort?

I’ve gone looking, and I’ve napped twice. What else is there to do?


Or is that why he is at all times in search of the maid? Hmmm. It would not be essentially the most unheard-of family setup for the instances.

A Kiss - Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 7

I’m wondering if seeing Isabel and Rachel discover one another will encourage Ruby to pursue a relationship with Gina. Or to hunt out Meredith. Or that tattoo artist.

A lot of this season’s lengthy arc has to do with Ruby determining what to do along with her second likelihood at youth. Understandably, her sense of constancy to Mel holds her again. Fifty-plus years collectively is a tough factor to shake.

And simply as Isabel had a tough time coping with the hustle and bustle of the up to date world, Ruby’s had a troublesome adjustment to island life.

Rachel: My books are the place I can actually be myself. I be happy once I write.
Isabel: Then we’re a superb pair as a result of I really feel very free once I learn.
Rachel: Would not it’s good if we might each be happy on a regular basis?

Even when Mel wasn’t her grand romance, Ruby’s life felt full and safe when she was with him.

Seeing how Rachel accomplished Isabel — spurring her to acts of braveness and brilliance out of affection — and even studying how Isabel affected Rachel as described in her Agnes novels, Ruby could really feel courageous sufficient to say, “Sure,” herself.

Looking Up - Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 7

Whereas Isabel rushes in the direction of love, elsewhere on the island, Brian rushes in the direction of loss of life.

Looking for the best problem solely to find it was inside himself the entire time. There’s one thing concerning the trope that smacks of pulp fiction.

Heh, I assume the plots dovetail fairly properly on a meta-level.

Nonetheless, just like Christine within the premiere, Brian’s psychological baggage is a heavy burden.

Elena: Given the circumstances, I hope that you’ll change your thoughts about eager to be rescued.
Brian: Why would I try this?
Elena: The potential for loss of life involves thoughts.

I do assume his youthful self comes throughout as fairly authentically, although.

Old and Young - Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 7

Benjamin Stockham additionally bears a helluva resemblance to Frankie Munoz in his Malcolm within the Center days, which in all probability helped convey the mouthy teenager vibe.

As Younger Brian, there is a stable distinction created between the wide-eyed youth and the person with a loss of life want.

I may be you, however I am not a moron.

Younger Brian


Whereas the survivalist bits firstly of his fantasy did not make for significantly participating viewing, I assume it was obligatory to determine Brian’s intention to show himself stronger than his setting.

As they drill into you in highschool English programs, the protagonist can face battle with one other particular person, his setting, and/or himself.

On this odyssey, Brian Cole hits two of the three, and all as a result of he didn’t take care of the battle, he barely survived together with his highschool bullies.

In a Crisis - Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 7

I appreciated that the messaging wasn’t that he ought to forgive his bullies (as a result of they clearly deserve a hellish karmic bitch-slap for outright making an attempt to homicide a classmate) however that he ought to acknowledge his youthful self as a survivor and never a sufferer.

Once more, tying it again to the premiere illustrates a special a part of the therapeutic survivors of abuse and trauma have to bear.

Till right now, I assumed I had a deal with on you. Now, I am realizing, not a lot as a result of I by no means thought you have been somebody who might face a state of affairs like this with out giving in to the worry.


So, in the end, each Brian and Isabel come out of their fantasies as folks extra comfy with themselves.

Brian’s regained a love of life, together with his new purpose to win again his spouse, whereas Isabel now not has to take care of modern-day-induced movement illness.

I am nonetheless pondering the problems with time journey, however I will admit it was a story consistent with one thing R.C. Goldwater would possibly’ve written.

Intimate Moments - Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 7

As you watch Fantasy Island on-line, did you end up swept away by the romance of all of it?

Or did you query the logistics of the premise?

Is escapism profitable in the event you’re distracted by the “What if?”s and “What about…”s?

Hit the feedback together with your rants and raves!

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