5 Video Games That Seemingly Stole Pieces From Other Games

by Msnbctv news staff

Uncharted‘s Treasure Hunter Masters Inter-Dimensional Theft

Nathan Drake is the best (male) treasure hunter in online game historical past. He is stolen numerous artifacts from each continent populated principally by non-white folks, the lives of hundreds of NPCs, and the hearts of gamers in all places. Drake’s biggest achievement, nevertheless, was stealing from a completely completely different sport sequence. And no, we’re not speaking about Uncharted ripping off Tomb Raider. That is concerning the builders at Naughty Canine stealing lovely art work from Murderer’s Creed IV: Black Flag.


Should you look rigorously on the trailer for Uncharted 4, you may see that they not solely lifted the art work straight from the Creed of Assassins, they even removed the pirate from the picture for undisclosed reasons.

Ubisoft, Naughty Canine

Although you kinda gotta hand it to Drake for stealing from a bunch of time-traveling murderers after which flexing his achievement on his sport trailer.

Sony was fast to take down the trailer following complaints, and Naughty Canine each changed the art work with one other piece of (hopefully) not stolen artwork, and this sort of factor hasn’t occurred once more since. However that is not the primary time that it has occurred.

The Naughty devs at Naughty Canine did the identical factor for The Final Of Us once they stole essentially the most treasured piece of summary artwork recognized to man, a private redesign of the Boston subway map, which had been achieved by a then-unknown artist.

Naughty Canine

Naughty Canine was as soon as once more fast to apologize, and the entire thing acquired settled out peacefully, which implies they in all probability purchased the man off with a subway cross.

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