Reposted articles from Thinking is Power

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Reposted articles from Considering is Energy

Posted on 11 September 2021 by BaerbelW

In early August 2021 we began to repost chosen articles from the Considering is Energy web site maintained by Melanie Trecek-King the place she usually writes about many points of essential considering in an effort to offer accessible and interesting essential considering info to most people. This web page lists the reposted articles within the sequence we shared them in and is meant as a fast reference.

August 3, 2021 – The issue with doing your personal analysis

The phrase “do your personal analysis” appears ubiquitous today, usually by those that don’t settle for “mainstream” science (or information), conspiracy theorists, and plenty of who style themselves as unbiased thinkers. On its face it appears legit. What may be flawed with wanting to hunt out info and make up your personal thoughts?


August 10, 2021 – 11 Characterstics of Pseudoescience

All through most of our historical past, people have sought to know the world round us. Why do individuals get sick? What causes storms? How can we develop extra meals? Sadly, till comparatively not too long ago our progress was restricted by our defective perceptions and biases.


August 18, 2021 – Science and its Pretenders: Pseudoscience and Science Denial

The human mind is an interesting factor. It’s able to nice issues, from composing symphonies to sending individuals to the moon. Its skill to study and drawback clear up is really awe-inspiring. However the mind can also be able to Olympic-level self-deception. When it needs one thing to be true, it masterfully searches for proof to justify the idea. And when it doesn’t need to imagine, its skill to disclaim or low cost proof is (sadly) unsurpassed.


August 27, 2021 – Why making an attempt to show your self flawed is the important thing to being proper

Tony Inexperienced was satisfied that the specter of the virus was being overblown… it was no worse than the flu. It was a scamdemic. As a homosexual conservative, he was used to preventing for respect, however staying true to his values was essential to him. He voted for Donald Trump in 2016, and thought the pandemic was a hoax created by the mainstream media and the Democrats to crash the financial system and destroy Trump’s possibilities at re-election. A self-described “hard-ass,” he stood up for his “God-given rights,” and made enjoyable of individuals for sporting masks and social distancing. He appreciated his freedom, and he didn’t need the federal government telling him what to do.


September 1, 2021 – Are you a Crucial Thinker?

Everybody thinks. And everybody thinks they’re good at considering. However good considering is difficult, and it doesn’t come naturally. It’s a ability that needs to be realized and practiced. Our brains are tailored to maintain us alive by making fast choices to keep away from predators and by forming sturdy emotional bonds with members of our tribes. Trusting that your mind inherently is aware of easy methods to cause is a recipe for being misled. And it doesn’t matter how sensible or educated you might be. Nobody can deceive us higher than we will.


September 8, 2021 – The Individual Who Lies To You The Most…. Is You

Dorothy Martin awoke early one morning in her suburban Chicago house. Her complete arm was tingling. She didn’t know why, however she picked up a pencil subsequent to her mattress and began writing. The phrases that flowed onto the paper weren’t her personal. Even the handwriting was completely different. She was receiving a message, a prophecy, from Jesus, presently residing on the planet Clarion and going by the title Sananda. Sananda and the opposite aliens, or Guardians, instructed Dorothy that she was to unfold their messages and educate others easy methods to advance their non secular growth.



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