Halsey Will No Longer Do Press After Being “Disrespected” in Interview

by Msnbctv news staff

In mid-March, Halsey modified their pronouns to she/they on their Instagram bio, which was seen by a lot of their followers. In response to Buzzfeed Information, the pop star addressed the information on her Instagram Story, writing, “For these asking RE: my up to date Instagram bio, I’m pleased with both pronouns.”

“The inclusion of ‘they,’ along with ‘she,’ feels most genuine to me,” Halsey continued. “If you understand me in any respect you understand what it means to me to specific this outwardly. Thanks for being the perfect.”

Halsey beforehand shared in February that they’ve a unique notion of gender after experiencing being pregnant. “I believed being pregnant would give me very robust, binary emotions about ‘womanhood’ however actually it has leveled my notion of gender fully,” the 26-year-old artist mirrored. “My sensitivity to my physique has made me hyper conscious of my humanness and that is all.”

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