Dr. Dubrow Has Shocking News for Botched Patient Post-Surgery

by Msnbctv news staff

All the pieces occurs for a cause. 

On tonight’s episode of Botched, which aired on July 13, Dr. Terry Dubrow inarguably saves a affected person’s life after an unfinished double mastectomy. Shannah examined optimistic for the BRCA-2 gene in 2014, however her “breast reconstruction wants a reconstruction,” in keeping with her. 

“They simply do not seem like a set of breasts,” Shannah defined of her “deformed” bust. She was impressed to get examined after her father developed Paget’s most cancers, a male type of breast most cancers that begins on the surface nipple. Shannah obtained her double mastectomy and breast reconstruction in Sept. 2014; her father handed away later that 12 months.

“I simply consider this complete journey and it’s not a enjoyable journey,” Shannah mirrored. “My dad actually saved my life and if it wasn’t for him having breast most cancers, I would not be right here. Actually.” 

But, her gel silicone implants and “tattooed on” new nipples have turn into misshapen over time. “I simply thought, that is simply reconstruction,” Shannah continued. “It isn’t going to be good.”

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