Rachel and Brendon Have Fans Hoping for Big Brother Showmances

by Msnbctv news staff

In the game of love, Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas truly came out on top.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly 11 years since the Big Brother contestants first laid eyes on each other inside the house.

“Brendon told us he was a swim coach and I said, I’m never going to fall for this guy,” Rachel remembered thinking during an exclusive interview with E! News. “He’s just some swim coach.”

Brendon added, “I saw Rachel and, of course, I thought she was hot, but just another ditzy girl from Las Vegas.”

But after the strangers found themselves on the block together while competing for the $500,000 grand prize, something unpredictable happened. They fell in love and have become one of the show’s biggest success stories.

“Admittedly, I still remember that first night,” Brendon recalled. “Rachel was giggly and school girlish about me, but I was very skeptical. Even though I was liking her and thinking she was cool, I still was very scared to fall for someone inside this game. When we were put on the block, that’s what cemented it.”

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