Alec Baldwin Gives an Adorable Update on His Own Boss Babies

by Msnbctv news staff

Alec Baldwin‘s kids are ready to enter the family business!

The Boss Baby: Family Business star exclusively revealed on E! News’ Daily Pop today that his six children with wife Hilaria Baldwin are already showing signs of their acting prowess.

“All kids are actors, and all my kids put on voices and faces and mimic,” the Emmy winner explained. “They love to mimic voices from things they watch and obviously some are better than others, but acting is a big part of what my kids grow up doing.” 

And his tots are even emulating Baldwin’s own Boss Baby franchise films.

Carmen is [a boss baby], without a doubt,” Baldwin gushed about his seven-year-old daughter. “She wants to do a movie that I’m going to be in…The line of the character is, ‘Would you like to have a puppy, mister?'” 

Baldwin’s brood including Carmen, Rafael, 5; Leonardo, 4; Romeo, 3; Eduardo, 10 months; and Lucia, four months, all attended the Boss Baby premiere on June 22.

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