Miami Building Collapse Victims: Who They Were

by Msnbctv news staff

Luis Andres Bermudez, 26, lived with his mother, Ana Ortiz, 46. Mr. Bermudez’s father, also named Luis Bermudez, confirmed his son’s death on social media.

In a note penned by the elder Mr. Bermudez in Spanish, he wrote: “My Luiyo. You gave me everything … I will miss you all of my life. We’ll see each other soon. I will never leave you alone.”

The younger Mr. Bermudez was a fashion graphic designer, according to his website. On his Instagram biography he described himself as “Just a guy with big dreams and ideas. Creative in every way and looking to collaborate with artists. Making my way up. Blessed.”

A teacher from Mr. Bermudez’s high school in Puerto Rico, Jose J Ortiz Carlo, described him as an example of courageousness. “From his wheelchair and as a lifelong battler of muscular dystrophy, Luis taught us more about COURAGE, PERSEVERANCE, and about how to make the best of one’s LIFE than any book, any lesson or any theory,” he wrote in a Facebook post. “He was the embodiment of what it means to be a true SILENT WARRIOR.”

Mr. Bermudez lived with his recently wed mother and new stepfather, Frank Kleiman, 55, just down the hall from Mr. Kleiman’s mother, Nancy Kleiman, who was among the missing. His brother, Jay Kleiman, was visiting the family and staying with their mother the night of the collapse. He is also among those still unaccounted for.

Frank Kleiman and Ms. Ortiz ran a small mail service business in Miami, according to Alex Garcia, a close friend.

“He always kept his chin up. He wasn’t judgmental. He was the kind of guy you could share anything with,” Mr. Garcia, 55, said. “He was one of my best friends, the best man in my wedding and we traveled together.”

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