17 Things Gen Z Thinks Millennials Need To Stop ASAP

The Four Percent

Justice for side parts and skinny jeans!


Showing off our Hogwarts houses:


Using the word “adulting”:

Why do millennials love to be like “Adulting😝”???? like yeah you’re pushing 30 I’d hope you’re adulting


Also, having the audacity to look at the screen when we take a selfie:

Why do millennials always look at the screen instead of the camera when they take a selfie?

Twitter: @e_peyote


Liking pizza:

Not sure how millennials made liking pizza a personality trait but they did and now we’re all forced to live with it


Not liking pineapples on pizza:

millennials really out here thinking not liking pineapples on pizza is a personality trait


Proclaiming you’re a #girlboss:


Associating the term “black dress” with 3OH!3:


And finally, taking BuzzFeed quizzes a little too seriously 😭:

Me, a millennial with a side part, gathering intel in order to create this post:

TikTok videos not playing for you? You might need to change the settings on your device — here’s how.

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