15 Ways Elvis Was a Huge Creep

by Msnbctv news staff

He Informed a Teenage Woman’s Mom He Needed “To Increase Her”

In 1960, Elvis turned obsessive about the 14-year-old daughter of a nightclub proprietor and even requested her mom to maneuver together with her to Graceland. When this didn’t get the response he wished, he defined, “I’m not going to do something. I simply need to elevate her. I need her to be there as my spouse.” One way or the other, even with that miscommunication cleared up, she politely declined.

He Struck and Shot At His Girlfriends

(Max Kleinen/Unsplash)

Elvis famously loved TV-shooting, however he additionally as soon as shot the headboard of the mattress he shared along with his sleeping girlfriend after she had prompt that perhaps he cool it on the midnight snacks. He claimed he’d requested her once more for meals and she or he hadn’t responded — , ‘trigger she was sleeping — so he was simply making an attempt to get her consideration. Priscilla additionally remembered “sitting down doing my homework … and after I would lookup at him, he would slap me on my brow and say, ‘Don’t try this, it offers you wrinkles in your brow.’” Sure, Elvis was Gaston.

He Continued Chasing Virgins Into Center Age

Elvis in 1972

(Capitol Data/Wikimedia Commons)

After his marriage to Priscilla broke down, Elvis had a string of Hollywood affairs, however his long-term relationships nonetheless tended to be with younger, unknown virgins, though they had been no less than of their twenties. One was a magnificence pageant winner, one other a backup singer, and one even labored on Capitol Hill, proving that it was inconceivable to be too spectacular for Elvis to be gross about.

High picture: Unknown creator/Wikimedia Commons

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