13 Christmas Drinks from Around the World

With a Colada Morada comes Ecuador’s festive landscape. The rich and vibrant seasonal drink embodies the spirit of celebrations in the South American gem. Originating in Ecuador, Colada Morada is a unique blend of purple corn flour, fruits, and spices, creating a velvety, spiced concoction that has become an integral part of the country’s Dia de los Difuntos, or Day of the Dead, traditions. The ancestral beverage has deep roots in Indigenous Ecuadorian culture, dating back to the pre-Columbian era. This is a commonly non-alcoholic beverage, but is best complimented with aguardiente or rum.

To serve Colada Morada is to embrace Ecuadorian heritage. Pour it into traditional cups, allowing the aromatic steam to rise and infuse the air with the essence of spices and fruits. Whether enjoyed during the Dia de los Difuntos celebrations or as a toast to Ecuador’s rich cultural tapestry, Colada Morada is not just a drink; it’s a sip into the historical and flavorful traditions of Ecuador, a warm embrace of both the past and the present to enjoy when celebrating Christmas.


Eggnog from medieval Britain

Ingredients: eggs, sugar, milk, heavy cream, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla, rum, brandy, or bourbon

We would never forget you, eggnog! The holiday classic traces its roots back to medieval Britain’s custom of spicing and flavoring ale with beaten eggs, milk, and sherry. Through the ages, eggnog has evolved into the creamy and indulgent beverage we know today. For those who’ve taken part in eggnog-making, it’s pretty clear that the art lies in the balance. Whisk together eggs, sugar, milk, and a hint of nutmeg—and the cherry-on-top adult twist of a splash of brandy or rum. While a known classic, eggnog can also be cutting edge. For a fun twist on your holiday party, eggnog martinis are class. To warm up, add it as a top off in your post-dinner affogato.

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